Fall 2013 Tutoring

Tutoring for the fall semester has begun! If you are interested in getting a tutor for any of your first or second year commerce classes email Be sure to mention the course which you require help in. Upon receipt of your email we will match you up with a tutor. 


Braintrust is a tutoring service offered at the Queen’s School of Business. We are the Commerce Society’s prime source of academic support, providing one-to-one tutoring and exam review sessions for students in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Our team of peer tutors is made up of experienced Queen’s students who are paid for their time, and provide relevant guidance and expertise. This, combined with our close relationship with the administration and faculty, has made our services extremely valuable. The tutors, in turn, are offered a rewarding experience. Braintrust allows them to further develop their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, while affirming their academic abilities to recruiters.

Furthermore, BrainTrust runs Exam Review Sessions, which are done to serve as a recap of a particular classes curriculum and are very helpful to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

If you would like to be a paid tutor, or if you require some extra help, please contact one of the executive members below.



Melanie Adler

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Taylor Zhang (Winter)